Being Serious With My Newsletter

Being Serious With My Newsletter
2 min read Fri Dec 24 2021

It's really been long since I wrote a newsletter to my subscribers, honestly, I have never written one before evern though my website has one, I guess I would have to start taking it serious nowadays

So the main reason why I decided to add a newsletter to my website was because almost every tech blogger was having one the website. I initially started with Sendinblue; then moved away due to it’s complicated stuff. I then tried Substack but they didn’t have a suitable API so I finally settled with Buttondown, though it’s run by one person, it’s the best 👏.

A promise to myself

So from today, I solemnly promise to be serious with my newsletter, Am kinda reading articles on how to make my newsletter the best. So far, am having about only 17+ subscribers. That’s really small but hopefully and willingly, I will grow it. I do subscribe to a couple of newsletters of my fellow tech devs though I prefer RSS to newsletters, RSS is soooo amazing.


I do hope to get better at writing quality content so from now on, am going to start my newsletter.

Hey!, if you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, you should do so.

Have a nice day! 😄

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