Adding Matomo analytics to your website through CPanel

Adding Matomo analytics to your website through CPanel
3 min read Tue Oct 26 2021

My clicky analytics free service was ending today so I decided to move to Matomo analytics. Matomo analytics has a self-hosted version which is free to use.

Leaving clicky

So am going to show a pretty easy way to install Matomo analytics on CPanel using the Softaculous application installer.

Steps To Install

  1. Log in to CPanel

    In order to get started, you must first login to your CPanel. The login url is always located at

  2. Locate ‘Softcalous Apps Installer’ under the Software section of your CPanel and click on it.

    Locating Softucalous

  3. Search for ‘matomo’ inside the search bar and click on it

  4. Click on Install and fill in the options

    When you click on install, it will show you a form which you are to fill in.

    1. The installation url

      This refers to the location on your website where you want the app to be installed. The recommended protocol is ”https://www.”

      The domain option is used to select the domain on which the app is to be installed and finally, the directory shows the folder inside your domain where the application will be installed.

    2. The CRON Job

      This feature allows you to set a time to run the Matomo archiving script.

    3. Admin Account

      This allows you to create the user account which you will use to log into Matomo

    4. Advanced Options

      1. Database name

        This refers to the database name which you want Matomo to use to store your data. Remember that the name should not be the name of an existing database.

      2. Table Prefix

        This allows you to set a name which will be prefixed to matomo table names

  5. After filling in all the options, click on install.

Fixing Common Errors

Cannot Connect To Database Error

Cannot connect to database error

If you receive this error, open your file manager and locate the matomo installation folder. Open the config.ini.php file inside the config folder and change the host value to “”.

Close the file and visit the application page again.

Sign In Error

Sign In Error

It is very obvious that you will run into this error when installing Matomo from Softaculous but don’t worry, this is a solution.

Just clear your browser cache and you will be good to go.


So that’s how you can easily install matomo analytics on CPanel using Softaculous, if you faced any more challenges, please do state it in the comments section.

Happy Coding 😄

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