Building resilient software and websites

Hi👋, I'm Lucretius.
I'm a software developer enthusiastic about building scalable and efficient software. In addition, I design stunning websites using cutting-edge web technologies with a key🔑 focus on accessibility and responsiveness.

Let's get in touch
Hello and welcome. I'm Lucretius.
Welcome to my online home, where I express myself through code. I am a big fan of open source. I help open source by fixing bugs, improving code, and writing documentation. Some of my work may be seen in the projects section of my website. Also, I develop software and build websites, finding means and ways to make the products I build accessible to all and sundry, regardless of their disability.


Some of the projects I've completed are listed here. They are not sorted in any particular order, but rather at random. You can view all the projects here.


I like writing on a wide range of topics, from technology to personal. Some of my most popular writing may be seen below.